We operate exclusively in Tanzania

Motsomi & Infinito Safaris (2 well known safari companies in South Africa) joined forces to establish Ultimate Tanzania Safaris that operates exclusively in Tanzania. Pieter & Charl with their more than 70 years of combined hunting experience, ¬†¬†secured 1500 sq miles bordering the world famous Selous Game Reserve on the South West as their hunting area known as Nalika & Mbarangandu WMA. The Selous Game Reserve, the largest protected area in the world, 33,000 sq. miles of Africa’s most unspoilt wilderness, the reserve is renowned for its rugged beauty, abundant wildlife and excellent trophy hunting, the area is predominantly miombo woodland with rolling hills.


This is Old Africa hunting at its best with free roaming buffalo,elephant, leopard, lion etc.

Tanzania is seen as the BEST hunting in the world, our goal is to make Tanzania AFFORDABLE & ACCESSIBLE to our hunting friends across the globe, with our all inclusive pricing structure and flying commercial to within 5 hours of camp.


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