Buffalo Hunts

This is a prime Buffalo area with trophies from 38” to 48” a realistic expectation. Take note that due to the value of singular Buffalo hunts, that we limit the amount of second and third Buffalo that can be hunted on a license.

Custom Safari Hunts

If you want to have an open license to have an un-restricted hunt, then you need to book a CUSTOM SAFARI. Then you pay your Day fees, Government fees and only add Trophy Fees from the list below:

We offer this hunt only on a 21-day license and a min. of 18 Hunting Days. The advantage of booking your hunt like this is that you can shoot anything you encounter on your hunt. Take note that we are in the position to only book ONE of these CUSTOM SAFARIS per year.

The cost of this hunt is calculated as follow:

Day fees:
$1,900.00 x 18 Days = $34,200.00

All Government fees, permits and licenses:

Total Hunt cost:

When your hunt booking is confirmed with a deposit, the key desired species on your wish list will be reserved for you on the quota.
On conclusion of your safari you simply pay for the animals you shot from the Trophy Fee list below.

Day fees:

For any extra days added to any of the packages above we will charge as follow:

$1,500.00 per hunter per day
$ 350.00 per observer per day

Trophy fees

Add Trophy fees for what you want to shoot:

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